Find out how we will help you sell a property in Crema area.

Selling a property is a tough process that requires a set of different capabilities during the different steps. We assist landlords in finding potential buyers by creating a personalised marketing plan for each property and conducting the negotiation on their behalf. We are used to helping landlords from the early phases of the process until the final ones, so that we can manage to sell the property at the correct market value.

Free preliminary consulting appointment

We invite you to book an appointment and talk with our certified real estate agents. In this occasion, we will listen to your needs, and create a personalised marketing solution for your property. At this stage, you will receive for free our valuation regarding the value of your property and the expected sales target. You can count on our expertise and ability to speak your own language fluently, so you can fully understand the details of our business practice.

Time to hit the market

We cover a broad range of activities for selling your property, including:

  • Taking a professional photo book of the property
  • Writing a personalised and SEO friendly description of the property
  • Promoting the property in our internal database with pre-existing requests from buyers
  • Placing a cartel in front of the property to increase the visibility of the asset
  • Advertising it on the main promotional channels such as our website, Italian real estate portals, and local newspapers

Contract drafting

Once we find the right buyer, we draft a contract that complies with the Italian commercial and fiscal legislation. Once the document is signed by both parties, we are ready to book an appointment at our partner notary office to complete the transfer of ownership.

We invite you to book your free preliminary consulting appointment at our Agency. We are glad to listen to your needs and provide our evaluation of the price of the property and the expected sale target.

Telephone number: +39 0373 256732
Whatsapp: +39 0373 256732

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