Find out the main activities we would take care of for renting out your property.

A real estate leasing contract creates a long-term relationship between the landlord and the tenant. For this reason, we select only reliable tenants to maximise the chances of having a satisfactory experience for both parties. Verifying the presence of adequate guarantees is our top priority for reducing potential issues and ensuring a smooth renting period.

We verify the tenant’s guarantees

  • Analysis of the financial position of the potential tenant
  • Analysis of the current job position
  • Check in the National Database of the Bank of Italy if the tenant has been declared insolvent in the past

Drafting the contracts

  • We draft professional contracts that comply with the most up to date real estate legislation
  • We register the contract at the Italian IRS (transl. Agenzia delle Entrate)
  • We communicate the start of the renting period to the administrator of the condominium
  • Upon request, we manage the relationship with the tenant on behalf of the landlord

Modi+ for delegating to us the relationship with the tenant

Modi+ is the service dedicated to landlords who wish to rent a property without having to deal with potential issues occurring with the tenant and the condominium. With the service Modi+ we take care of such duties, and give the landlord the possibility to outsource the daily management of the property.

The activities we guarantee to all landlords who wish to adhere to the service Modi+ are:

  • We cash in the monthly rent and condominium fees from the tenant and send it to the landlord afterwards
  • We manage all the ordinary maintenance of the property
  • We assure to contact the landlord in case of extraordinary maintenance only

Our innovative system for managing rents allows landlords to forget all the fiscal deadlines and enjoy the best part of the investment, that is receiving the monthly payment.

We invite you to find out more by downloading our free brochure or contact us at the number +39 0373 256732 (Both calls and Whatsapp available).

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